CSA Membership


The Friend of the Farm membership is Lester Farm’s version of a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture).  Upon joining the program, you will receive a Friend of the Farm debit card. Your debit card has no expiration date, can be used for all our products and grocery items, and can be replenished at any time.  It can even be rolled over to next season. Most of our customers leave the card with us in the store, which makes it convenient for a family member or friend to help out with the shopping. If, for any reason, you choose to end your membership, we will return the balance remaining on your card.

We are now offering two membership options for our Friend of the Farm card:  the Fruit and Flower membership and the Have It Your Way membership.  Members can shop in the store any day we are open or call/text/email an order, and we will have it ready for pick-up.



The Fruit and Flower membership includes berries, peaches, plums, melons, apples, bouquets, glads, sunflowers, and mums.

            Fruit and Flower plan:  $100

The Have It Your Way membership includes everything sold in our market: produce, fruit, flowers, pumpkins, fall decorations, eggs, dairy items, bread, pies, meat, and fish.  

            Small plan $150

            Medium plan $300

            Large plan $500



for the CSA by emailing us on the contact page

2019 Membership Pricing & Deadlines

A bonus is added to your card if purchased before May 31.

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